Misr italia Group New Capital VINCIA

Misr italia Group New Capital VINCIA

ARCHITECTURE Misr italia Group New Capital VINCIA

Misr Italia Luxury Boutique Living VINCI New Capital Diplomatic Area

Vinci redefines the new luxury living with architectural inspirations that fall in line with crafted interiors that endeavor for an effortless,

minimally programmed space.


Urbanity is achieved creating

one community in an exclusive

residence. The beauty of the

boutique concept falls in line

with a Zen lifestyle, where

enchantingly simple moments

can unfold freely.

From the essence to the

physical materials, Vinci is

designed with facilities that

inhabit opulent quality of life

and spaces that tend to signal

a desire to connect with nature

forming one community


The architecture of both interiors and exteriors

brilliantly combines natural splendor with modern

luxury in a haven of style and tranquility

The exquisite modern architecture, the remarkable

 minimalist design, the ethnic elements

material surfaces and textures emanate a sense of

balance and harmony welcoming residents to

succumb to the pleasures of contemporary


Located in the new capital, Vinci

a boutique living state in an upscale

community that features exceptional

designs to comfort different needs by

offering a range of housing types. From

high-end villas, to remarkable.


Emboolying the concept through visuals

that bring together the aspect anol essence

of the boutique compound, locatecl at the

New Capital. Combination of sketches and

preliminary plans.


Iconic Vllla

Villa A

Villa B

Villa C

Twin Villa

Town House

Finishings Villas


Finishings Apartments

Misr italia Group New Capital VINCIA