MOON VALLEY 2 New Compound

Moon Valley 2 Compound

Moon Valley 2 Compound In New Cairo . Leave your unit for sale

Moon Valley 2 Compound is Regarded as a pioneering masterpiece in the field of real estate development in Egypt and a name that shall change the concept of urban communities from mere places for a living to a different lifestyle all together depending on the latest, safest and utmost luxurious building types. 

Moon Valley 2 consists of 124 twin-house units that have been designed according to the latest building methods to tailor to all your requirements keeping privacy as a base. Moon Valley 2 provides those who wish to be distant from the capital’s hassle and enjoy a quiet life with a pure atmosphere an opportunity to enjoy privacy and comfort after a long exhausting work day

Moon Valley 2 Compound 

Location Moon Valley 2

Successful investment in real estate realize on several factors one of which is the right location . undoubtedly , New Cairo is considered as one of architectural renaissance in recent years . that market value of land and buildings increase rapidly , because it is the natural extension of the capital
The location of Moon Valley 2 is regarded as one of the best in New Cairo . it has tow special advantages; the first is its closeness to all vital locations and the second is its privacy, which grants it tranquillity. The compound is just two minutes away from AUC and 90 street which is the most popular in New Cairo . Moon Valley 2 is located among the elite and private housing communities that are made up of villas so as to be reassured that your neighbours are also looking for privacy thus guaranteeing that the future of the area in which you reside shall be the best

Project’s General Blueprint
Moon Valley 2 units have been designed within a general blueprint with buildings rate not exceeding 25% , while the other 75 % of the project is allocated to green areas , parks,services and spacious streets. all were  designed to overcome any probable traffic so that privacy and tranquillity remain as the distinguishing factor of Moon Valley 2 .

Moon Valley 2 Compound

Moon Valley 2 is the ideal example of comprehensive urban community that provides all basic and recreational services meeting the needs of those who seek distinction. it includes a large number of twin house units , a spacious mosque, a small clubhouse , a swimming pool, a mall that caters to all your requirements and an exclusive playground for tennis enthusiasts .

Moon Valley 2 Types

Moon Valley 2 introduces the latest original types for vast twin house villas , which provides complete privacy for all familly members and perfect life within every unit.
Areas vary between 260 – 380 square meters in three models, with apanoramic view overlooking a private garden to enjoy clean enviroment all year long.
the project is ready for the resients and very limited number of units are left.