City Edge New Mansoura

City Edge – New Mansoura

The launching of New Mansoura City

 After the completion of the first phase of the project ( New El-Alamein )

Now the new project ( New Mansoura City )

In cooperation with the Urban Communities Authority and the Housing and Development Bank.

The opening of the first phase is the largest investment opportunity available in the Egyptian real estate market

New Mansoura City


Developer : City Edge Developer

City Edge partnership with 60% with the Urban Communities Association and 40% with the Housing and Development Bank. This gives the citizen confidence in the dates of receipt and compliance with the specifications agreed upon in Mansoura Apartments and Apartments

Location :

New Mansoura City on the coast of New Mansoura

It is 54 km from the old city of Mansoura

20 km from Dakahlia and 6 km from Baltim

20 km from the new city of Damietta

It is 40 km from Port Said city

6 km from the city of Jamsa

The city lies 14 km long on the White Sea

It will be connected to the old Mansoura by an electric train arriving in less than 15 minutes

 New Mansoura City on an area of ​​7,100 acres

City Edge project in New Mansoura, on an area of ​​2,175 acres

 Models :

Stand Alone Villas

Twin House

Town House

Towers (apartments and duplex)

 Delivery date :

After 3 years of contracting

The apartments spaces start from 130 m to 360 m


All models are finished with high standard luxury

Project builder :

Orascom and Hassan Allam

Model spaces :

Stand Alone Villas & Twin Houses & Town House

 Stand Alone Villas :

 Plot Area: 600 m

Building area: 540 m

 Land area of ​​500 m

Buildings 450 m area

 Twin House :

 Plot Area: 400 m

Buildings 300 m space

 Plot Area: 360 m

Building area: 270 m

 Townhouse :

 Plot Area: 300 m

Building area: 200 m

 Plot Area: 270 m

Building area: 180 m

 Facilities Of City Edge New Mansoura :

 New Mansoura University on an area of ​​67 acres

Medical City

Olympic academy


 * The city includes all the necessary services and facilities

* The city includes apartments and villas area including stand Alone Villas, town House and Twin House

Delivery within 3 years

* The first phase of the booking began in September

* The city features some attractions such as Corniche, tourist hotels and university .


For reservations and sales: 01007786800

 The new city of Mansoura is one of the government plans for the development of cities and is one of the cities affiliated with the new urban communities

Was built by a presidential decree in 2017 to be exploited for the establishment of a new urban community, 50 km from the old Mansoura, the heart of Dakahlia

In cooperation with the Urban Communities Authority and the Housing and Development Bank, the opening of the first phase

A great opportunity to invest in the Egyptian real estate market

 It is planned to accommodate more than a million and a half people have been started to work on the establishment and laying the foundation stone

The new Mansoura overlooks the Mediterranean Sea with a length of 14 km and the city center of Kafr El-Sheikh, Damietta and Al-Mansoura city

Decree No. (8) for the year 2018 was issued, adding an area of ​​809 acres to a total area of ​​the city 5913 acres

The Minister of Housing laid the foundation stone on 2017/8/22 and implemented the city in four stages

The area of ​​the first phase is about 2063 acres


Al – Mansoura new towers will be a distinctive sign of the capital Delta

Luxury housing on the Mediterranean Sea

The city has all the services and facilities that are needed to provide the comfort of its residents

Logistics and service area

Areas of technological industries

Drainage and drinking water networks

Scientific research centers

University of Mansoura University

Regional University

Medical City

Corniche on the road with a width of 56 meters

A group of public beaches

sales: 01007786800